Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June 2019, Petersfield Festival Hall

BUGFEST (also known as Ento-Con South by the bigger bug enthusiasts and traders) | An entomological extravaganza for bug fans of any age.

A whole 2 day event incorporating traders selling livestock, dry stock, housing and bug themed gifts, live animal handling experiences, talks and kids entertainment.



What is Bugfest/Ento-con South?

A new concept in ‘ento’ events with the very first 2 day entomological show and one of the first large scale events based in the South East of England.

We have everything from set specimens for the researcher, to a huge range of livestock for the hobbyist. Family entertainment for the young to get them hooked on Entomology and displays from conservation organisations as well.

This event is also known and promoted as Ento-con South - http://entocon.co.uk/

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Family Entertainment

You can be assured that we will have all the bases covered.

All kinds of exotic animal entertainment on hand for you and your family to enjoy: exotic animal and invertebrate handling are all going to be there for you to find out information on them first hand from the experts, information on how to look after your newly acquired pets with living husbandry examples for you to take notes from.


We have a broad spectrum of guests for lectures and talks, natural history celebs for signings and guest panel interviews, children’s entertainment and so much more.


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As always, we have very generous local businesses who sponsor our events and this event we have the support of InSync Technology. Please see InSync’s advert  below and remember to support local when you can.




The event will take place at Petersfield Festival Hall in the centre of Petersfield, situated in the heart of the South Downs National Park.

Festival Hall, Heath Road, Petersfield GU31 4EA.

There is a car park just outside the venue and yet if this is full, there are plenty of other car parks nearby in the main town to provide adequate parking facilities for all.

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The first 2 day ento-event will be held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June with opening times from 11am – 4pm both days.

To download a PDF of the flier, please click the image below or collect one from the Petersfield Visitor Centre and other outlets around Petersfield.

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invert 300pxInvertebrate sales
Bugfest attracts not only the top livestock traders but is active in involving hobbyists thinking of taking their first steps into the trade, or those who just want to sell a bit of surplus livestock.

There will be table after table full of creatures to purchase as a first pet to look after or your 30th to add to your collection… as you just can’t stop yourself!


dry-goods 300pxDecor, live food & GIFTS

We attract the top providers of dry goods, husbandry items, bio-active planting, live foods and invert housing.

There will also be stalls with bug themed gifts and presents.

DIY is not just for the home, it is for the small creatures in your life too and the more interesting their habitat the happier they will be.

Little Girl Researching Entomology Collection of Tropical ButterfliesSet Specimens

There is something for everyone at Bugfest in Petersfield from the new hobbyist wanting to start or grow their collection, to the high level enthusiast and professional entomologists alike.

Whatever you have been looking for, we hope you will find it at the first 2 day entomological show in the South East of England.



tarantula 300pxTARANTULAS

There will be all sorts of amazing tarantulas from top sellers on sale from commonly kept species to specialist and those that are hard to find.

ORTHOPTERAorth 300px

Crickets, katydids, wetas and more are growing in popularity amongst enthusiasts. There will be various species available on the day.

millipedes 300pxMILLIPEDES

There will be a large range of millipedes available. There is a growing trend in the keeping of millipedes due to their docile easy going nature.

snails 300pxSNAILS

Very popular with children, snails are readily available at Bugfest.


The Spider Shop
Venomous visions
The legless millipede
Portsmouth Tarantulas
Tarantulas on-line
South West Jumpers
Helen Stuart Insect Farm
Ant Keeper Magazine
So Many Legs
Creature Courage
Hampshire Wildlife Trust
Exotic animal handling

With more contacting us all the time.






Paul_Brock 200pxPaul Brock
Paul is a world authority on stick and leaf insects, and is a Scientific Associate of the Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum, London. Paul does research in Systematics (Taxonomy), Ecology and Zoology, writing books on insects and papers mainly on Phasmida (stick and leaf insects).

He is the author of several major reference books covering classification and breeding of these insects including A comprehensive guide to insects of Britain & Ireland and the acclaimed Insects of the New Forest.

Paul has been bug-hunting for more than 50 years, starting as a toddler in his garden. Countless hours have been spent observing and photographing insects in Britain, especially for his books.


dr sarah beynon 200pxDr Sarah Beynon
Dr Sarah Beynon is an academic entomologist at the University of Oxford in the Department of Zoology, ecologist and farmer and the founder of The Bug Farm, Bug Farm Foods Ltd and Dung Beetles Direct.

Sarah also enjoys TV work and has presented for, amongst others, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Channel 5 and Animal Planet.

Of herself, Sarah says,  “I am an entomologist and agricultural conservation biologist, with a particular interest in the future of sustainable food production. I am founding director of Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm (The Bug Farm) – a research and education centre, working farm & visitor attraction in Pembrokeshire, Wales, with a focus on farmland ecology, efficient food production and invertebrates. I am also a founder of Bug Far Foods – a venture exploring insects as food. www.thebugfarm.co.uk www.bugfarmfoods.com”


Emma LawlorEMMA LAWLOR 200PX
Zoo keeper, Evolutionary Biologist, and PR Officer of The Herpetological Society of Ireland.

Emma will explore the wonderful world of invertebrates, elements of evolution and taxonomy. More importantly, lots of fun facts and weird things inverts can do that makes them so unique and special and interesting.

We are lucky enough that she will be presenting on both days of Bugfest over the weekend.


britain kitten 200pxBritain Kitten
Animal Phobia Therapist, Animal Educator and Handler, Freelance Illustrator and Writer

Britain Stelly is the founder of Creature Courage, the UK’s animal phobia specialists. She has helped hundreds of people break free from phobias and anxieties with her creative and unique workshops. She specializes in animal phobia therapy and therapeutic creativity.

Britain gained her experience as both an illustrator and a therapist running a charity for over a decade that focused on helping people build confidence and explore themselves in creative group therapy settings. Inspired to start her own business with the skills she has gained from this work, she joined efforts with Adam Cox, a top London Harley Street hypnotherapist to deliver unique life-changing workshops.

Britain has also worked with the YMCA to deliver a Creative Wellness workshop that helped people achieve positive breakthroughs in their mental health by learning new creative ways to address stress and explore oneself. This workshop has been hugely successful and is being expanded to different parts of the country.

Britain is the chief animal educator and handler in Creature Courage with twenty years of experience in exotic animal husbandry. Her vast knowledge of the animal kingdom has helped many people exchange fear for fascination for animals usually feared and misunderstood, especially spiders. Creature Courage’s Spider Courage Experience workshop has been massively successful and was featured on Good Morning Britain, Sky News, BBC Radio 2, ITV, etc.


Jake WeeksJAKE WEEKS 200PX
Zoologist, herpetologist, New Forest Reptile Centre Ranger and owner and Director of the Reptile Academy.

Jake will be delivering two talks for us at Bugfest on Sunday – neither of which you will want to miss!
So, You Want To Start Keeping Reptiles? A crash course in keeping reptiles with impeccable reptile husbandry.
How Snakes Lost Their Legs & Other Evolutionary Adaptations Exploring how reptiles have evolved over millions of years




Tickets are available on-line via the link below or on the door.
Admission for each day is only £5 .00 each | Under 12’s  – £4.00  |  Under 4’s – free
A ticket for BOTH days is only £9 .00 each | Under 12’s  – £8.00  |  Under 4’s – free

We will have tickets available on the door but there is a maximum capacity at the venue and so we suggest you buy tickets to avoid disappointment or a delay in gaining admission.


We are running a competition in conjunction with these events with the chance for a family of four to win entry to The Wild & Deadly Show as well as BugFest, worth over an awesome £50.

If you haven’t had the chance to receive an entry form from your school, there are some available from the Petersfield Visitor Centre or they can also be downloaded by clicking on the image below of the entry form. Good luck and happy creating!

Deadline for entries is Monday 24th June 2019 and need to be handed in to the Petersfield Visitor Centre in the Petersfield Library on Petersfield Square.

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If you are interested in Bugfest, you will love the Wild and Deadly show too. Click on the banner below for more information.

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