Petersfield Oktoberfest

Petersfield Oktoberfest

Saturday 29th September 2018

OKTOBERFEST PROMO SQUARE V1Due to popular demand we are bringing an Oktoberfest to Petersfield! Petersfield Oktoberfest is taking place on Saturday 29th September 2018. Expect the full Oktoberfest atmosphere, lots of beer, bench tables, dressing up, steins, sausages, table service and oompah! All the elements to make our very own awesome party, Oktoberfest Petersfield Style!

For one day only, Petersfield Festival Hall will be transformed into a Petersfield Oktoberfest beer hall with traditional theming, bench tables with our awesome team providing table service with both men and women decked out in authentic Oktoberfest dress, one of the UK’s best oompah bands providing the musical entertainment as well as the traditional tastes of Oktoberfest with German beer, pretzels and sausages for all!

To ensure your session is as fun as it can possibly be, surround yourself with friends, who will no doubt join you dressing up in traditional costume, and reserve a table of 8 for your party. Contact us now for further details and to book a table and ensure you are seated together.

Oktoberfest would not be Oktoberfest without traditional German beer being served in steins, which are larger glasses equivalent to two English pints. There will be two awesome German Oktoberfest beers from Paulaner to choose from when you are soaking up the atmosphere and singing along to the oompah band.

The event will also feature wine, a selection of spirits and soft drinks for those of you who do not wish to partake in the beer. The wine is being provided by - The General Wine Company.

Please be aware, due to the expected consumption of many steins of alcohol over the course of each session this is a strictly over 18′s event only!

During each session, we will be ensuring your tastes buds are tantalised as well as your tonsils with a feast of authentic German food available at the festival! In both sessions there will be the usual Oktoberfest offering of German pretzels and awesome sausages available. Lots of tasty food to help soak up that beer!

Oktoberfests are a time to let your hair down, roll your sleeves and trouser legs up and have fun and how better than to come to Petersfield Oktoberfest dressed in traditional german costume. Encourage your friends to join you too so you can all look ‘cool’ together and really get the party started as soon as you leave the house.  Once inside the hall, you will be transported to a world of Oktoberfest where your once crazy looking costumes will see you becoming the heart and soul of the event giving you the courage to join in with every rendition of Ein Prosit!

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oompahTo make our first Oktoberfest ultra special we have got the best Oompah party band in the country to entertain you in both sessions. “Oompah Brass” are the UK’s most sought after Bavarian Oompah band. Their repertoire of pop and rock classics together with authentic German costumes, witty banter and hilarious games brings the Munich Oktoberfest experience to your event.

The band was created 10 years ago and is now the most famous and respected oompah band in Europe. They started out in the german-themed clubs and pubs of London playing bavarian oompah music as a way of paying off their student loans. They soon began to find playing traditional waltzes and polkas rather dull, so decided to arrange and play classic pop, soul, heavy metal and rock songs with an oompah beat and a bavarian swing, thereby creating the first ever Oom-pop!

They now regularly support comedians on tour and have recently played for Al Murray, Frank Skinner and Ross Noble during their respective London shows They have performed on Radios 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 as well as on BBC TV, ITV, Sky and Channel Four and Radio 2′s Chris Evans is a huge fan. “The Legends In Lederhosen – they rock – so good”

The event will take place at Petersfield Festival Hall in the centre of Petersfield, situated in the heart of the South Downs National Park.

Entry to each session will be only £15.00 per person for 5 hours of unadulterated Oktoberfest fun and authentic German beer drinking. VERY LIMITED TICKETS TO THIS SPECIAL EVENT. UNRESERVED SEATING.

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Saturday Arvo tickets Saturday Eve tickets
btn_buynowCC_LG SOLD OUT! Still some places left for the afternoon session if you are quick!


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Saturday Arvo tickets Saturday Eve tickets
btn_buynowCC_LG SOLD OUT! Still some places left for the afternoon session if you are quick!

ONLINE TICKETS ARE PAPERLESS! Once you have purchased your tickets online all you need to do is bring along your PayPal confirmation receipt to the event to gain entry. On phone or printed is fine!

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Petersfield Oktoberfest FAQS

It’s Oktoberfest, why is it in September?!

The real Oktoberfest in Germany starts in September! This year’s official Oktoberfest starts at 11am on Saturday 22nd September. (Plus this is when we could get the hall!).

Where is it?

Petersfield Festival Hall. Festival Hall, Heath Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4EA. Please see map above.

How can I get tickets?

You can book tickets right now through PayPal above on this page.

What am I getting for the ticket price?

You are getting a full 5 hours of an awesome unadulterated Oktoberfest experience! We are working hard to bring a properly executed Oktoberfest to Petersfield. Obviously the ticket price covers the hire of the hall, hire of furniture, hall theming, an awesome table service, production costs, promotion costs plus we have only gone and got the best Oktoberfest Oompah Band in the Country! Oompah Brass are the best out there and we have got them just for your enjoyment!

How much will beer cost?

Beer will be served in traditional stein glasses. These are large glasses with a handle that hold two English pints. A stein will cost £8 making every pint of authentic German beer cost a very reasonable £4.

What food will be available?

German style pretzels and sausages will be available during the sessions. Just order with the member of staff looking after your table.

How does the seating work?

Similar to the German Oktoberfest the seating is mainly unreserved. The ticket price will gain you admission to the relevant session. A member of the Festival team will seat you when you arrive at your session on a first come – first served basis. The bench tables seat 8 people comfortably. If you would like to ‘squidge up’ to fit more on a table that is up to you. Please be aware if you have less than 8 people in your party, you may have to share your table with strangers. Embrace it, it’s all a part of the Oktoberfest spirit and you may leave with more friends than you came with! Tables of 8 can be booked and reserved. Please email for more details.

How does the table service work?

Once you have been seated there will be member of the Festival team looking after your table. You place your order and pay them direct and they will then go and fulfill your order and bring it back to your table. Please look after the festival team members, they will be bringing you food and beer throughout the whole session. Please be polite and patient at peak times.

Can I pay with card?

No the Petersfield Oktoberfest is a CASH ONLY event. Please bring more than enough cash than you think you may need as the beer and food is extremely moreish!

Can I dress up?

100% YES! We are actively encouraging fancy dress for this event. Lots of the Festival team will be in traditional German dress, Lederhosen and Dirndl dresses. We also welcome other dress up themes, but please nothing too impractical for sitting on the bench seats and nothing offensive!  We reserve the right to refuse admission if you are wearing inapproporiate clothing.

What is unacceptable behavior?

Petersfield Oktoberfest is going to be a fun friendly event. Any over-raucous, over-drunk, offensive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. You will be escorted out of the event by SIA security staff and will not be allowed to return if any of this behaviour occurs.

Please be aware this is strictly a over 18′s event only!

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