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Thank you for coming in 2022!
Details for 2024 coming soon...

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Awesome Oompah!!

The best UK oompah band, Oompah Brass will be there to entertain you...


We would like to thank all of our awesome local business sponsors shown below for supporting the event as without them, this event would not be able to remain free for everyone to attend. Please remember to support local as much as you can.

Petersfield Oktoberfest

  • Arrive at Petersfield Festival Hall for the start of the session at 6pm.

  • Eat authentic German Oktoberfest food, drink authentic German Oktoberfest beer, sing authentic German Oktoberfest songs.

  • Dance, clap, drink, stand up, sit down, drink, laugh, cry, drink, sing, drink, drink... you get the idea!

  • Be entertained by Oompah Brass, the UK'S ORIGINAL ROCK 'N' ROLL OOMPAH BAND!!  

  • Leave Petersfield Festival Hall at the end of the session at 11pm and try and remember where you live.

  • There will be games to keep you entertained between the band as well as lively music playing while you enjoy the evening with friends.

  • We recommend dressing to impress on the night as we have found more and more people get into the spirit of the celebration and you won't want to miss out on the chance to put on a lederhosen!

  • The event will be a seated event with table service in traditional 2 pint steins.

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